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Tire Sales, Repairs, and Nitrogen Installation in Monroe, North Carolina

At Small Bros. Tire in Monroe, North Carolina, tires are our specialty. We offer tire sales, tire repairs, and we install tire-saving nitrogen into your new or used tires.
New Car Tires in Monroe, NC

New and Used Tires

At Small Bros. Tire Co. we offer competitive pricing on all major brands of new tires and have a huge selection of used tires in stock.

There are no gimmicks or add-ons to any of our tire sales. We include all mounting, balancing and new valve stems with each tire purchase. Each set of new tires includes free rotation for the lifetime of the tires. The only additional charge added to the price is the applicable sales tax. When we quote an "out the door" price it will include full installation and taxes.

Tire Repairs

We repair all passenger, truck and lawn tires when possible.
Nitrogen Tire Filling System Machine in Monroe, NC

Nitrogen Air Installed

Fill your tires with Nitrogen and get:

  • Fuel Savings
  • Increased Safety
  • Longer Tire Life
  • Decreased Wheel Corrosion
  • Maintains Proper Inflation: 3-4 Times Longer
  • Superior Handling
N2 is a larger molecule than O2. Therefore, it cannot escape as easily as oxygen therefore maintaining proper air pressure 3-4 times longer.
Contact us today for more information about our new and used tires. We help you stay safe on the road.